Green energy, waste management and the first island to be named a World Craft Region are just some of the traits that place Bornholm in a position to take the lead and show how a self sustained community can develop in a holistic and sustainable way. Therefore, based on examples from the island, Exploring Bornholm aims to offer masterclasses for leadership level that display how green visions may become reality.

Bornholm has made a local counterpart to the Global Goals

It is not only the waste management company Bofa that has green ambitions on behalf of the ‘Sunshine Island’. With the vision ‘Bright Green Island’, the island’s local politicians have agreed on a goal that will ensure that Bornholm develops in a sustainable direction and becomes a pioneer island when it comes to green solutions.
In the fall of 2017, a large representative of the island’s residents helped develop a local counterpart to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in recent years. The result was the eight Bornholm goals, which the municipal council took over in 2018, and which serve as a benchmark for the work with the ‘Bright Green Island’ vision.
Bofa has also used the eight goals in the work with the vision ‘Bornholm shows the way’, which corresponds to goals number 1, 2, 3 and 8.

The eight Bornholm goals are:

    1. Business: Bornholm makes sustainability a good business
    2. Facts: Bornholm keeps accounts of its green transition
    3. CO2-neutral: Bornholm will at all times be a role model as a climate-friendly society
    4. Mobility: Bornholm runs green on land
    5. Housing: Bornholm links sustainability and housing with a cultural identity
    6. Food: Bornholm is a beacon for sustainable Danish food
    7. Nature: Bornholm makes its natural wealth part of the bottom line
    8. Everyone ‘On board’: When I’m on Bornholm, I’m part of ‘Bright Green Island’
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