Case Studies

Exploring Bornholm is a boutique style consultancy. Our vision is to inspire creatives and urban leaders in disciplines such as Circular Economy, Green Energy and Placemaking, and encourage the establishment of thriving communities. What differentiates us however, is our source of inspiration. Instead on relying on theoretic examples, we look at the succesful community of Bornholm and reference their behaviour. Bornholm is a society that reinvented itself time and time again, and is now a leading destination in the area of green ambitions, circular thinking and community making.

Through the following series of case studies, we aim to showcase a number of succesful examples from the island, and offer our audience a glimpse of what they can experience in our ‘Exploring Bornholm’ Seminars.

The Case Study series will debut with 3 interviews:

Interview 1: BEOF Head of Department for Public Affairs and Communication Klaus Vesløv on Green Energy

Interview 2: BOFA CEO Jens Hjul-Nielsen on Circular Economy

Interview 3: Destination Bornholm CEO Pernille Kofod Lydolph on Placemaking and Entrepreneurship.

The objective of these interviews is to unmask some of the efforts and achievements made by the island community in the direction of social and environmental sustainability, and understand how Bornholm is planning to ‘show the way’.

Therefore we invite you to dive into the mindset of Bornholm through the Case Studies below, and join us in our mission to learn from this inspiring community.