Energy Island Bornholm will be the crossroad of the Baltics for intelligent green energy

By Jeppe La Cour

Three years ago – no one could have dreamt about it.

But we are there now.

I am thrilled about the news that Energinet – the independent public enterprise owned by the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy, and Utilities – announced that Bornholm most likely will be connected to Energi Island’s offshore wind farms.

It was not given that the power produced from the turbines would connect to the Island. But with the conclusion from Energinet that it will be profitable, the work by the municipality and BEOF (Bornholms Energi of Forsyning) seems to pay off.

Why is it a big thing?

It will secure many workplaces for locals, and the endless possibilities can attract exceptional talents this brings.

The connection is the basis for Power-to-X production, Bornholm Bunker Hub, Datacenters, residential colleges, more sustainable heating, etc.

Bornholm is heading for a greener future.

Graphic: Borholms Tidende